Seven Percent

An experiment

My phone's battery is at 7%. I've got Spotify, 26 Chrome tabs, and a VPN actively running, as well as all of the other apps and processes that do their business in the background.

I wonder how much I can write until my phone dies.

Seagull by Tohji is playing. I am sitting in my bathroom in a green towel having just gotten out of a warm bath. It is 4:05 pm. My hair is piled high on my head and secured by a greyish blue hair claw. My cat Fuu is asleep on top of a folded towel on my bathroom counter. I am hitting the update button on this draft every sentence or two so I don't lose progress. The outfit I have picked out is a black knee length skirt and a maroon tank top with spaghetti straps. Do people say "spaghetti straps" anymore? This is not an important question to ask. I will not update my vocabulary on this particular matter. I like to tuck this tank top into the skirt, and wear the skirt high up on my waist. It is a comfortable outfit to wear around the house while also being appropriate to answer the door in and to receive husband in when he comes home from work. I do not know anything about fashion but I appreciate it greatly. This is an area I will improve on. I am at 4% now. Alberto Balsam by Aphex Twin has now started playing. I am listening to a playlist made for me by Spotify. I think they do a pretty horrible job at selecting songs for personalized playlists, however Tohji and Aphex Twin are two artists I enjoy very much. Without looking I would say I enjoy about 15% of the songs on this playlist. Who knows. Spotify is stupid and I'm slowly moving away from it. There is a lot of data I have yet to record from it though. I'm slow. I am slow by nature, but I am even more slow these days with all of the changes I have going on. Tomorrow is Wednesday. I am nearly dried off now. After a bath or a shower I will give myself a general towelling off, then I will sit in that towel for a little while and "drip dry." I prefer this method because it gives me time to ready myself for all of my post bathing routines. Husband just responded to a text I sent him before I got into the bath. I will not reply now. He is coming home later than usual today. I don't mind it because I still have work to do before he gets here. I started reorganizing my pantry today and I am still in the middle of it. I needed a bath immediately though so I took a bit of a break. I am at 3% now. I hear Rosie the Roomba doing her job. Once I finish my post bathing routines I will resume my pantry task. It will not be completed today but it will be acceptable. I will finish it tomorrow if I am not too wiped out from my work out. Recently I have been more motivated than ever to get fit. I enjoy the gym and the pump. I think I will try to get as much done tomorrow as I can because I would like the whole day Thursday to make music. I think I will start a new track with glitchy sounds. Today I bought a postcard on eBay for three dollars. It's a vintage postcard with a photo of the garden where husband proposed to me. This is the second vintage postcard I've purchased recently. I think they are fun. I am at 1% now. The updating becomes more urgent.

End. This comment plus formatting were done on my computer after the phone shut down.


Listening: Eple - Röyksopp

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