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An update

It is snowing and so I shall write.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. Despite being sick with some sort of weird sinus infection, I successfully made (mostly from the World of Warcraft cookbook) roast turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, spiced stuffing, cranberry chutney, and candied sweet potatoes. I forgot to plan ahead for pie but thankfully there was a bakery open so husband was able to order some pumpkin pie! We feasted and watched the National Dog Show together and then played games, relaxed, and tried our best to stay awake until bedtime. The whole experience was pretty much stress free for me. I bought everything I needed only a few days beforehand instead of obsessing over it weeks in advance. I started preparing most of the dishes on Wednesday, and only in between other tasks when I really felt like it. Nothing was written in stone. I find I work so much better when this is the case. I made the the foods I wanted to make. It's my Thanksgiving now.

Over the weekend we went to see the Blue Man Group! I saw them many many years ago - during The Complex era - and I absolutely fell in love. So much so that for Halloween that year I bought a bald cap and blue grease paint and walked the streets silently collecting candy to the delight of many homeowners. I have been wanting husband to see the show for a long time now so I was very pleased when I found out the BMG was on tour. However, the show wasn't as I remembered it. There was no theme. There was only a couple of songs and most of their iconic skits were missing (I was especially missing the feast skit and the esophagus skit). And no light suits! It was still a fun show and we were certainly entertained. It was more of a BMG appetizer. Afterwards I read online that the group was purchased by Cirque du Soleil in 2017. I wonder if that is why it felt so different? Or perhaps the tour has limitations that permanent show locations do not have. I guess we will have to go to Vegas again and test it out, heck.

I've been playing Warhammer 40,000: Darktide with husband. I loved Vermintide 2 so naturally I needed to try it out. Here are my opinions on it so far (beta only):



The major bug and the disconnections are whack and I have a very strong opinion on early access games that I may write about in the future. But overall, I am having a good time playing with husband anyway. I want to unlock a helmet! And a cool candle pauldron!

In other news, Breathe Right strips are life changing. I decided to try them out on a whim and I cannot believe what a difference they've made for me. Maximum O2 inhalation + open nasal passages = continuous and restful sleep. A beautiful equation! I used to wake up five or more times a night due to congestion. I would wake up and violently flip over in an attempt to unblock the side of my nose that was completely clogged and if that didn't work I would half sleep walk to the couch and sit there in a dreamy stupor until I could breathe again. Sometimes I'd wake up enough to know that I needed to pee so then I'd wake up even more to walk to the toilet and do my business. Awful. Despite getting eight to nine hours of "sleep" every night I would wake up feeling like death. Now I'm feeling those eight hours. I wake up feeling ready to fight anyone. Two nights ago I slept the whole night through. Last night I woke up once. Major improvement! The strips are dorky however and are not to be used before or while seducing husband. Only when my head hits my pillow for the final time each night should a Breathe Right strip be applied. I also cannot use them on moisturized skin so I skip my nose area when doing my skincare routine in the evening which is not ideal. I guess now more than ever it is important to do my morning routine as well to keep the smeller soft.

Now we enter into Advent. The first Sunday of Advent 2022 was a lovely time. There was no RCIA class that day because of Thanksgiving so we went to the morning mass. Afterwards we made Advent wreaths! I have never made one before but I think it came out alright. It smells divine. Chewy loves it a little too much and he sometimes tries to eat it. I don't really know what to do about it other than keeping the wreath covered with a bag during the night. I have tried spraying him with water when I catch him going for a snack but that just does not phase him. He stands there and tanks it. It isn't until he's completely drenched that he jumps down for a quick bath and some pets. He is not a smart cat but I love him. After the wreath making festivities, we went out for lunch with our sponsors and a friend from RCIA. I think we ended up spending two hours there eating and chatting. Our sponsors just came home from a trip to France so it was cool to see pictures and hear about their adventures. I am so thankful for them. My social meter is always maxed out when we get together.

One last note to make - While I was in the bath Chewy broke into the bathroom screaming with a baby (small blue mouse toy) in his mouth, dropped the baby next to the tub, and left. Thanks buddy!


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Whistling: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

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